Important Next Steps: PLEASE READ!!

Your Login Information

You will shortly receive a couple of emails you need to keep to access the platform.

One will come from This one will repeat the steps I mention below so that you have them after you have left this page.

The second email will come from It will be titled ‘Your New Membership Account’

Either or both of these emails will land in:

  • Your inbox (It’s your lucky day!)
  • Your spam/junk (rude but if we’re new to you we respect your security)
  • Your weird ‘other’ folder, sometimes called ‘promotions’ or ‘other’ (just another folder to misplace your emails in!)

The email from is the one you need to access the online platform. It contains a link to set up your own password and once in the platform, you can also change your username and email address if you want to.


Accessing The Videos

When you have logged in, click ‘view contents’ for the ‘overcome anxiety programme’ folder. You will then see something similar to the platform below. It is very easy to navigate through the videos. Remember, they are released weekly.

You can mark a video as ‘done’ when you have watched it so that you do not lose track of your progress.

Share the Shizzle Out of This Website

We both know that mental health challenges in children and young people are not going to reduce without the proactive efforts of parents like you and the help of professionals like me.

Please help other children and families access this programme by sharing it (and sharing your feedback about it) on your social platforms.


Your Assessments

If you have purchased the additional service of the RCADS anxiety and depression assessment*, the questionnaire you need will be sent to you by email. It will not be on the platform as not everyone has purchased this service.

* Please note that these assessments are not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Always consult your doctor or other qualified mental health specialists for a mental health diagnosis. The information is not intended for clinical or diagnostic purposes.


Get The App

If you want to give your child access on a mobile device or tablet, download the Kajabi app from your app store and use your login to access the programme that way.


Technical Issues?

If you have any technical difficulties, please use that email address to reach our support team. Please note our office hours are 9 am – 6 pm British time, Monday – Thursday.