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Help! My Child Has Anxiety!

Are you the parent of an anxious child, looking to lift the heavy weight of anxiety from your family? Join a money-back guaranteed programme and give your child the strategies to overcome anxiety. Anxiety is an emotion that can negatively affect mental health, well-being and ability to achieve. It is the most common mental health condition in young people.

The number of children with anxiety is growing. In Britain, the NHS has recorded the highest number of children being treated for mental health issues with anxiety problems contributing to around 20% of these cases. 

Give your child the tools to manage their anxiety in a fun online video programme that they will love. Watch together as you both learn how to overcome anxiety directly from the creator, Gemma Bailey. 

Gemma is a qualified Nursery Nurse, is a BPS (British Psychological Society) Graduate Member with a MSc in psychology, DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy) level 2 practitioner, CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) trained NLP (neuro linguistic programming) trainer and hypnotherapist

Get access to 10 hours of expert, engaging videos that speak directly to your child on their wavelength and get solutions right now for £99.

This online programme is designed to help your child thrive and grow into a
confident young person. If you want to see your child become
free of anxiety, read on…

The Overcome Anxiety Programme offers 10 weekly videos for your child to follow. Every video has a strategy to learn that helps to manage anxiety. It was developed by the creator of NLP4Kids©, Gemma Bailey.

The videos are released on a secure, online platform where you will receive an individual login. There are worksheets to download and use. All comments added to the platform are carefully moderated by our team who are safeguarding qualified.

How This Programme is Valued

I charge £200 per 1-hour session with young clients. My session fees are high because as well as being the creator of NLP4Kids, I am the company director and have trained all of the NLP4Kids practitioners worldwide.

The Overcome Anxiety Programme will give your child 10 therapy sessions with me from anywhere in the world. The first session is delivered instantly via our secure online platform.

90.90% of participants experienced a scientifically significant reduction in their anxiety scores within 10 weeks.

We have helped over 1,324 children worldwide to overcome anxiety challenges.

Are you ready for…

👉 Your child to confidently speak about their feelings with you by reducing meltdowns

👉 Your child to learn a set of valuable skills that enable them to remain calm during stressful situations

👉 Your family to enjoy more quality time as a close-knit unit without walking on eggshells

👉 Your child to enjoy a safe and calming support system where they can reach out in confidence for support

If so, this programme is for you!

Imagine your child’s favourite YouTuber, a Bitmojo character popping up with advice, clips from their favourite Disney movies, live animations and of course a cheeky crow making everything they learn slip in without any hard work, whilst they are busy being entertained!

Buy today and your first video will be instantly accessible in the online platform

The videos are released once a week and are between 40 mins and 1 hour in length. You do not have to watch them with your child but many parents have done so and found the strategies helpful to learn for themselves too!

This Programme Has Helped Young People Across the UK Overcome Many Types of Anxiety Including:

21-day money-back guarantee & 12-months access licence👌

Your access is contingent upon your child behaving respectfully when on our platform.

Any comments made by your child that are verbally abusive or constitute bullying or harassment will be deleted and your access will be revoked without refund.

Any assessments provided are not a substitute for a medical diagnosis.

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The Programme Creator

Gemma Bailey has been qualified to work with children since 1997 and has worked as a therapist since 2005. She created NLP4Kids in 2007 and has been conducting research into the effectiveness of NLP with children since this time. 

In 2019 a pilot of the Overcome Anxiety Programme, in conjunction with My Healthy Future at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, showed positive results. In 2023 the programme produced scientifically significant results in a university-led study which adhered to the ethics of the British Psychological Society. 

Many of the children who access the Overcome Anxiety Programme have tried to access local mental health therapy services such as CAMHS or Step Two and found that they did not meet the criteria for help. How is it possible that your child is not anxious enough?! It is commonly known that untreated anxiety typically worsens over time. Are families expected to suffer the residual effects of anxiety including headaches, tummy aches, sleep problems and phobias until a child’s anxiety is severe?

Those who do receive help may be further disappointed to discover that the therapy offered (or the therapist!) is stuffy and unappealing to a child’s nature, causing them to feel disengaged from the help they so badly need. Anxiety can be serious and stressful and the perfect antidote to that is fun and good humour.

If you have been overwhelmed by the waiting list for therapy support from CAMHS or found that your GP or school cannot help but you do not have the funds for private therapy, this programme will offer you a cost-effective, convenient, repeatable solution.

The Overcome Anxiety Programme was designed as a university lead study into the effectiveness of the programme for anxious children ages 7-11 years. The research results are below. Additionally, you can learn about the pilot programme and read the responses from parents and children.

The videos have been designed using strategies from CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) which are delivered in fun sessions and in a comprehensible way.

Our 2022 Study Results

In 2022 Forty-nine anxious children aged 8-11 years, spanning the UK, were specifically recruited to take part in an incredible study. It was available to those with a diagnosed learning challenge, a diagnosed mental health condition and to those currently receiving help with their mental health.

The children were split into two groups at random, Group A (the intervention group) who received the NLP4Kids Overcome Anxiety Programme, and Group B (the control group) who did not receive the programme. Similar anxiety levels were seen in all children at the beginning. There was no statistically significant difference in the anxiety levels of the groups. 

However, Group A experienced a statistically significant decrease in their anxiety levels after participating in the 10-week programme, compared to Group B’s anxiety levels which remained statistically unchanged.

The study echoes the warnings from previous research regarding unattended anxiety in children since over 40% of the participants in Group B participants experienced their anxiety becoming more severe over the 10 weeks. Group A, however, benefitted from 90.90% of participants experiencing a reduction in their anxiety scores within 10 weeks.

I’m Gemma Bailey GMBPsS (MSc), a qualified nursery nurse with a masters degree in psychology, the designated safeguarding lead and the creator and director of NLP4Kids – a company dedicated to helping children schools and families with mental and emotional well-being issues that I created in 2007. I coach children in one-to-one therapy sessions using NLP (neuro linguistic programming – an alternative to interventions such as CBT) to help them with anxiety-related problems such as the ones listed below…

As a British Psychological Society graduate member, I typically I charge £200 per one hour session for the therapy clients I work with. This video series is made up of 10 sessions with me – that’s £2,000 worth of content!

I’ll be your host in the 10 overcome anxiety videos – with the occasional, unexpected visit from my cat, Hindsight 🐈‍⬛


What age group is this suitable for?

The programme was designed for 7 – 11-year-old children. Children as young as 6 years would likely find value in the programme but this has not been scientifically tested. The programme may be suitable for children older than 11 years if they are younger in their maturity and development. 

Is this suitable for all genders?

The programme is suitable for children of all genders but doesn’t target gender-based issues in any way. 

What is the value of this Programme?

As the creator, trainer and company director of NLP4Kids my clients pay a premium price for 1:1 sessions with me, typically £200 per session. You have 10 sessions with me throughout this programme, making the value £2,000.

How can I get my child’s anxiety levels measured?

Before starting the programme, you will be given the option to upgrade your licence to include a questionnaire that measures anxiety and depression levels. This is a scientifically validated measure that can help to indicate whether a child has borderline or clinical levels of anxiety and/or depression. We can complete the questionnaire again after your child has finished the programme to give you an idea of their progress. 

Can children with ASD, ADHD and other spectrum disorders participate?

The programme is not specifically created for children with spectrum disorders, however, there were many involved in the study who met this criterion and reported positive results. 

Can we use this programme whilst on a waiting list with CAMHS / CYPMHS?

Yes, you can. We would always recommend that you pursue bespoke support and if you require one-to-one support more urgently than health services can provide, you can reach out to me directly and I can tell you more about the sessions I provide. This programme is not a substitute for therapy and is not suitable for major or complex mental health problems. Please contact me if you want to discuss any concerns. 

Should I watch the videos with my child?

You can watch the videos with your child but you do not have to. The steps are simple to follow and they should remain engaged throughout. However, if you have had trouble communicating with your child recently, learning the skills together will give you both a positive point of focus and a shared goal to achieve.

Will this work for every child?

No, not all children will engage with this format and not all children will engage with therapy. However, you should avoid judging this by how engaged they were with online learning during lockdown! Firstly, your child will have matured since then and secondly, this is much more fun!

How does the money-back guarantee work?

You have 21 days to participate in the 3 videos that are released in that time. If your child doesn’t enjoy the programme or feels they have not learned anything helpful, I’ll give you your full money back, no questions asked. There are no refunds after the 21-day access period is passed. 

Why do we only have 12 months of access?

The programme is designed to be a weekly intervention, however, I noticed that life happens and sometimes weeks get skipped. 10-week access was often not long enough for those involved in the study. By offering a year’s access, you have time to repeat the programme if necessary, but there is also a little bit of pressure to work through it with consistency and make the most of it before it is gone. 

I have two children, do I require two licences?

Only if you want them to have their own logins, in which case, change your order quantity on the order page to the number of licences/logins you require. You will initially only receive only one login as we will need a different email address for any additional accounts. Please email this to help@mychildhasanxiety.com and we will get it set up as soon as we see your message. Alternatively, you can make two separate purchases using different user emails. 

Can I change the login to my child’s own email address?

You can change account names, passwords and email addresses once you have signed up. You can later change the login details to your child’s own email address if you wish to do so.

The video below explains (in simple terms) the results of the pilot study of the NLP4Kids Overcome Anxiety Programme. However, our latest study is now completed and concluded that those who undertook the Overcome Anxiety Programme experienced a statistically significant decrease in their anxiety levels.

Those in the control group (who did not receive the programme) found their anxiety levels remained statistically unchanged. However, 40% of those children found their anxiety became even more severe.

The group that received the Overcome Anxiety Programme benefitted from 90.90% of participants experiencing a reduction in their anxiety scores within 10 weeks.

What Happens Next?

Go ahead and purchase the overcome anxiety programme using one of the red buttons on this page. You will be offered the option to upgrade to access our anxiety and depression assessments (more information about these coming up on the next page.) When your transaction completes, you will be sent your platform login, where you will find video 1.

Please note the following:

1. Your platform login will be sent via email from gemma@peoplebuilding.co.uk It may take up to 15 minutes to arrive depending on your email server speed.

2. The login email may land in your ‘other’ or spam folder by accident. Please check before contacting support as it will likely go to the same place if we resend it!

3. The login email contains a link to your platform access. Please retain this in case you need to reset your password in the future.

4. If you change the platform email address, please make a note of what you changed it to!

5. Video 1 is in the platform waiting for you to get started. The subsequent videos will be released on the same day of the week at roughly the same time of day as you originally signed up.

Please encourage your child to participate further by leaving their comments and questions. We will always respond to them and send encouragement. 😊

Please do not let the cost get in the way…

If you would like your child to have access to this programme but do not have the spare funds to purchase it, please talk to me.

My not-for-profit company, Superheroes, may have funds available to pay for your child’s place. We will ask you to give us some information to check your eligibility criteria and we will always help you if we can.



Are you in a position to gift a licence to someone else?


If so, go ahead a make a purchase, then let me know you that would like to pay-it-forward. We will hold the funds in superheroes as a charitable donation. Then, the next time we are asked to offer a free place to someone, we can say yes.